Morgan Jack aka Matt Garcia – Conspirator And Datalink GW1000

He is the only known principal and employee of Datalink Technologies, (AKA about a dozen other Aliases), which may manufacture and does sell the GW1000 that is based upon technology stolen from Equustek.There is a warrant out for his arrest.He has fled the juristiction and was be operating his myriad of “VIRTUAL COMPANIES” from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He then moved to Queratero, Mexico, and now apparently has gone under cover somewhere else.

The picture is about ten years old. There are multiple court orders that prohibit the sale or manufacture of the Datalink GW1000, or any other products based on the stolen Intellectual Property. At this point in time, anyone who purchases these products may be guilty of “should have known” that the products are illegal.

Datalink/Morgan Jack has tried to sidestep the court orders by changing the name of the product (GW1500, MultiGate MGC2200, etc.), It is expected that he will do this again to try to distance himself from the current legal proceedings, as well as trying to deceive customers into believing that it as a new and different product.

Before Mr. Jack suddenly fled from Canada, he stiffed his long-time supplier, Foreseesons, for about $35,000 amongst others. If you have purchased from Datalink using a credit card, then it may be advisable to change your credit card number. It is expected that before he completely disappears, That Mr. Jack will create a retirement fund for himself.

There are no known real physical locations for Datalink or its aliases. The addresses given on its over fifty websites are those of mail drops and do not represent any physical assets. The telephone numbers are relays and are answered by services. There are no known employees of Datalink, etc., and in the past, employees have used assumed identities.

The GW1000,GW1000 DH+,GW1000 ABEIP products do not meet Allan-Bradley specifications and could result in performance issues when used on Allan-Bradley networks. The court case against Datalink and Morgan Jack has expanded to include other defendants including Andrew Crawford, Igor Cheifot and others.